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Community Auto Repair Services - About Us

Community Auto Repair Services - Our Staff Are Experts in Auto Repair, Auto Maintenance and Are BMW Specialists!

Team - Community Auto Repair Services

The owners, Robert and his wife Maria, have eight kids together and the are a very busy couple.

They started this business back in December of 2005. Robert has been working on cars since the age of 16 and has been taking things apart and putting them back together ever since.

He loves to make things or fixing them and also runs the business. Maria works at Wal-Mart as a Pharmacy Technician.

They have eight awesome children. Five live in the Philippines and three here in Fairfield, CA. Christopher Vincent, Patricia, Mj, Christian, Gabby, Christal, Josiah and Jay Jay. The kids love to play music.

They want everyone to know “we own the dirt and building”, this means we will be here 10 years from now when that part we put in with a life time warranty goes bad, as we have been for the past 12 years.

You can count on us to hire the best talent in the area and pay that talent hourly so you never have to worry about commissioned sales staff. We worked hard to get a warranty for all repairs done here for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

We did this for everyone, but most of all, for our Military customers. We now have e-mail tracking which lets the customer anywhere in the world pull up their repair history on any repairs we did on his or her vehicle.

If your loved one is deployed Community Auto Repair Services can check an estimate or look at repair history and can approve or disapprove any repair from anywhere in the world, thanks to the computer systems currently in use!

We Pride Ourselves In Our Knowledge Of General Auto Repair And Maintenance To Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road.

Expert Auto Repair & Auto Maintenance - Do Not Just Trust Word Of Mouth Come Try Our Services For Yourselves!

We are always here for you, after any and all repairs you will get an e-mail, thanking you for using our service!

Please leave us a note explaining how your visit went. That is very important to us. That comment block review is logged in the testimonials link on our web page by a third party we hired. They were hired to make sure all reviews are real and not false reviews written by rival business to try and discredit us.

When you become a well respected auto repair facility in the area, that sometimes brings out the jealousy in the smaller ones and the web is the land of anonymous reviews. In our testimonial link you should see good and bad reviews (my bet is you will see a lot more good than bad), what you should be interested in is how we handle the bad ones. If we get a bad one you will get to see the back and forth between us and that customer until it is resolved, judge us from that and the other reviews.

Do not judge us on word of mouth, fictitious internet reviews, what some other shop owner or parts person has said. To get the 12/12 warranty and the best price on parts for you we had to go with a national chain parts supplier.

This made a couple of the local parts suppliers get ruffled feathers. Truth is, we have worked on thousands of cars trucks and motor homes this facility we opened years ago. We work on mechanical things with owners of all ages and as bad as we want to we can’t please all the people all the time, but we can guarantee you this we will give it our best shot.

One thing Community Auto Repair Services does know, is that we have the Best Crew in Town.

Remember if your car is in need of an Auto Medic - Make sure you bring it to the experts
Where we specialize in finding a cure!