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Here’s what some of our Fairfield, CA customers are saying about us:

Found my new BMW maintenance team! Rob and Matt know what they are doing, knowledgeable, competent and courteous. Had my 335i properly diagnosed and repaired. If You're going to own a fancy car make sure you trust who is working on it! Totally earned my trust, business and respect as car enthusiasts! Cant't wait to let these guys turn my Ultimate Driving Machine into the Ultimate Bad Ass Machine! -2007 BMW 335i Preimum Package Twin Turbo Sedan

Marco Barragan Google Review

These guys are great had my car towed here cause of starter problems. They took me in and had me running next day was great.

Cris Saldivar Google Review

I would like to thank Community Auto Repair Services because they fixed our problem quickly and without hassle. They seen my husband right away the same day we called and the car was ready the next day. Great service and the auto tech Greg was so nice and honest in his dealings with us, we really appreciated it! We will recommend this business to our friends and family and will keep it in mind for our future car repair needs.

A Google User Google Review

5 Stars!

Alex Haynes Google Review

I would like to thank the owner Robert and his mechanics for having a great shop with great prices. I would highly recommend Community Auto Repair Services if you want hassle-free service and friendly advice.

Albert Vasquez Google Review

I posted this same review on Yelp. But in case there are any google+ users here ya go!

I had a problem with a stuck bolt on my battery terminal and was dreading taking it to a mechanic expecting overpriced labor and hassle. Community Auto Repair Services has changed the way I view Auto Shops. They quoted me at $50-$100 over the phone which I thought immediately was reasonable and in my price range. When I got there the technicians were very friendly and started working on it right away. I was out the door in 30 minutes and was only charged $35 dollars. Fair, Honest, Fast and friendly. I would defiantly recommend this to friends and family.

Jared Leggett Google Review

I came here to get a diagnosis of the ticking noise my breaks were making. Within a few minutes they figured it out. This same noise elluded Firestone when I went back to them for a diagnosis after my breaks were replaced. Firestone couldn't replicate the noise and couldn't figure it out. Plain and simple, it is a piece of hardware on both breaks, a spring, that hadn't been replaced when my knew breaks were installed by Firestone. I like them, but that's a pretty significant miss on their part. (I'm not knocking them though.)

You can trust Community Auto Repair Services! Quality technicians. Professional service. Fun to work with. I'll certainly be a repeat customers from now on. Great job guys!

Rachel S. Yelp Review

My beautiful BMW X5 refused to start and left me stranded the day before New Years Eve. I happen to live 120 miles away from this shop. Matt was referred to me by another place that was too busy to help. It could not have worked out better! Matt kept his shop open to receive the tow and park my car inside overnight. Other shops were closing early for the long holiday. He promised to look at it the next day (New Years Eve). By 11:00 the next morning he had diagnosed the problem and prepared two estimates. I was happily surprised. By 3pm the vehicle was ready for pickup. I am not easy to impress, but this time I am wowed. Matt and the team at Community Auto Repair Services went the extra mile to get an out of town customer back on the road. The price was fair and I give them the highest recommendation. They earned it. Happy New Year!

Alfredo R. Yelp Review

Auto medic is awesome! They always are happy to help and will answer any questions you have. I went in with my Infiniti i35 which had a compilation of problems and they were willing to explain to me every procedure they were doing and even showed me certain parts of my car to show me what's working, what isn't, what they will do, etc. Patrick is a great person and takes pride in his work. Community Auto Repair Services is my go to car shop and I trust them completely!

James R. Yelp Review

I have nothing but great things to say about these guys. We take both our truck and station wagon to them for any issues, both minor and major, and they fix us up every time. I absolutely trust them 100% and appreciate their excellent customer service. If you are looking for a trustworthy mechanic at a great value, I definitely recommend this shop. The owner Robert is very hands-on, their mechanics Matt and Nelly are top notch, and they're overall just an awesome group. Thanks for everything guys!

Kelly B. Yelp Review

Came in with a blown turbo in my Mazda. They fixed it up and it runs FANTASTIC! Total life saver! Thank you so so so much!

Katie M. Yelp Review

The guys at Community Auto Repair Services saved me! My car BLEW UP (overheated) and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere around 6pm at night. All other repair shops and car rental places were closed, but I called Community Auto Repair Services and they were willing to meet me where my car broke down off the highway. Thankfully my car insurance was able to tow my car to them instead.

They looked at my car the next day and quickly gave me several options for repairing my poor car. The repair was done quickly and my car is running better than before I took it to their shop. Everything under the hood was detailed and shiny just like a brand new car. I am very happy with the repair work done at Community Auto Repair Services. The staff was very friendly, patient, and incredibly helpful during the entire process. Ask for Greg or Percy - they are the best!

Christine C. Yelp Review

Had a great experience with Community Auto Repair Services! These guys are honest, dependable, and just plain amazing! I recommend them to all my friends and family!

Alex H. Yelp Review

Incredible service! Very friendly and flexible. I scheduled my appointment thinking it would take them a few days for all the repairs needed. I was surprised when they told me they would have it ready for me by the end of the day. I was even more pleansantly surprised when I walked in to pick up my car I could see it in the garage and it was very clean. I commented to my husband, "Did they wax it? It looks really clean!" He told me that they not only did they fix my car, but also detailed the engine area for me and gave it an oil change (my oil had just been done 6 months prior and wasn't due for another few months, but I had oil leaks of which was part of the repairs). Overall we were very impressed. Thanks!

Jennifer M. Yelp Review

I had a problem with a stuck bolt on my battery terminal and was dreading taking it to a mechanic expecting overpriced labor and hassle. Community Auto Repair Services has changed the way I view Auto Shops. They quoted me at $50-$100 over the phone which I thought immediately was reasonable and in my price range. When I got there the technicians were very friendly and started working on it right away. I was out the door in 30 minutes and was only charged $35 dollars. Fair, Honest, Fast and friendly. I would defiantly recommend this to friends and family and Im a picky person! Thanks again Community Auto Repair Services!!

Jared L. Yelp Review

I called this shop in rush as I had a business meeting to attend. I was helped by Greg who is true professional; courteous and intelligent. I couldn't have ask for better service. I think I just found my new permanent shop!

Michael N. Yelp Review

To those who are local, please come to Community Auto Repair Services! They have done such a great job with my car, that even when one of my new serpentine belts were loose (since new belts do get loose after installed, because they tend to stretch), I was able to come back and get them adjusted with no charge. So all in all, they've gotten my business & I'll WILL have my car done at Community Auto Repair Services from here on out...oh yes, they were so nice and respectful, such good energy from them, thank you so much! heart emoticon

Tiffany Wallace Facebook Review

I highly recommend this shop as a good, honest and fair Christian place to take your cars for any and all work.

Patricia R. Stonsby Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Mateo Batarse Facebook Review

5 Stars!

John Magno Facebook Review

Great job! – Thank you so much for the auto repair work you guys did for me. When I came in for my brake job, I had no ideal that I had been risking the life of not only myself, but of my son also. I am so grateful for all the hard work, effort, and caring that went into fixing my truck for me, as well as for all the care and understanding I got from everyone that pulled together to get the job done in time for me to make it back to work. I don't think I can every repay you for all you have done. You guys really went the extra mile, and have proven to me that there ARE good people out there. Now I tell anyone that will listen how wonderful Community Auto Repair Services are.

ancraig132 City Search Review

Nice, honest people, and reliable service – Community Auto Repair Services is a fantastic place and the people are fantastic, too. I have been using their service for almost 2 years now, after meeting Robert when I first moved to this area. They do both maintenance and repair work on my personal and business vehicles. I continue to use Community Auto Repair Services because, first and foremost, they are honest, and the work is comes with a warranty. Also, they are nice people, and it is rare that you meet nice people like that. I have already recommended Community Auto Repair Services to other people who are using their service. If you take your car there and something is wrong with it, there are no hidden costs or payments involved.

ericsmith1121 City Search Review

Prompt service – The staff at Community Auto Repair Services is very personable. I have used their service ever since they opened. They go above and beyond to take care of the 20 vehicles they service for my business. When there is an emergency they are there right away. Community Auto Repair Services also responds quickly whenever I have questions. All mechanical issues are taken care of promptly. Community Auto Repair Services does all the weekly, monthly and yearly services for our vehicles. They are instrumental in keeping the fleet on the road.

zeanbeth City Search Review

Excellent services – I have been going to Community Auto Repair Services for about three years. All of my fiends and coworkers go there now as well. They run a great shop and their service is excellent. They are very responsible. They let you know what they are doing step-by-step through the process. I would not go anywhere else. Aside from installing an entire new engine, they have done extensive interior and exterior work for me. They are always very upfront, and they just offer a nice family-friendly environment

Karryit City Search Review

Thank you! – Repair In Farfield Ca, Tune Ups In Fairfield Ca, Well as for his service me and my wife could not agree more than to go to him every time we break down. Robert just fixes what needs to be fixed and doesn't try and nickle and dime you it awesome, to finally have a good Mechanic in Fairfield Ca, Thanks Robert

bevilitobe City Search Review

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